Life is a wondrous journey, sometime which is undertaken alone whereas other times there are people with us who tag along for the ride. We know them as our family, our friends and our lovers. A life partner is someone who makes our solo journey into a dynamic duo and suddenly the journey becomes better. Marriage is a ceremony that legally and spiritually solidifies the loving bond between two people, one that has been practiced since time immemorial with each culture having their own set of wedding traditions. Traditions themselves are customs and or beliefs that have been passed on from generation to generation. Wedding traditions are specific customs pertaining to weddings specifically.

As mentioned before every culture has different wedding traditions. For example, let’s take the European wedding traditions. In Victorian Era, brides used to wear dresses to signify their purity, a tradition that is also in practice today widely in many parts of the world. In addition to that there is another tradition where the bride to be must wear ‘Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue’ on the wedding day. It is considered good luck for the bride and her married life. In Pakistan, we have the tradition of putting Henna on the Bride in intricate patterns. This particular tradition is called the Rasm-e-Henna and is held a day before the wedding. In the old times, it was a women’s only event but now the Groom is even involved and elaborate dance performances and acts are put up with singing and music. In Germany, the Bride to be is kidnapped by her friends the night before and the groom is expected to find her, it’s all in good fun and the bride with her friends is actually taken to different cafes and bars the bill of which is paid by the groom. In Pakistan, on the day of the actual wedding there is the Nikkah, the formal ceremony in which the marriage contract is signed by both parties, performed by an Imam in the presence of two witnesses from both sides. After which there is the ceremony of ‘Muu Dikhai’ in which the Bride and Groom look at each other for the first time. This happens typically after the Nikkah, and before the wedding dinner which in itself is an extravagant affair. The next day the Walima takes place, a feast by the Groom.

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