We all know the importance that certain occasions hold in our lives. From fostering love to encouraging brotherhood, these occasions serve various purposes. However, what some people fail to realise is that the exchanging of gifts can increase the benefits of these events and occasions manifold. Unfortunately, when it comes to the choice of gift, a majority of individuals fail to find the perfect present to grace the occasion. This is where 3D figurines come into the picture with all of their offered benefits, flexibilities and utilities. Following are some of the events for which 3D figurines can be THE perfect presents:

Birthdays are Important

When you speak of gifts for occasions that are as important as birthdays, the gift needs to be perfect for the person you are presenting it to. What this means is that the gift that you end up purchasing will, obviously, vary from person to person and relationship to relationship. However, there are a number of core values which birthday gifts need to uphold if they are to completely fulfil their purpose. Some of the aspects which you need to be concerned about, while purchasing a birthday gift, are as follows.



The first thing that you need to keep in mind, while purchasing a birthday gift, is whether it will be useful for the person, in the future or not. Or, in other words, you would wish to choose the kind of present that would provide the receiver with the maximum possible utility. The gifting of bouquets is a great expression of love, no doubt, but it is a fact that the expression of love in that manner will only last for as long as the flowers don’t wither. This is the reason why it is recommended for you to gift something that will be a symbol of your love for a long, long time.


Not only does your birthday gift need to be of utility but it is necessary for it to be unique as well. It is because you would wish for the receiver “just” you whenever they think of that one, particular item. However, it is not easy for you to come up with unique gift items for every person, every year, right? This is where the concept of customized gifts comes into the picture. With customized gifts, you can be certain that there will be something unique about every item that you end up gifting.

The Perfect Birthday Gift

When you take it into perspective, your expression of love on someone’s birthday doesn’t only need to be unique but hold some utility as well. Bearing that in mind, 3D figurines appear to be the best possible gifts that you can give to someone on their birthdays. It is because 3D figurines are not only unique, owing to how they can be customized in accordance with the specifications that you might have in mind, but they are of utility for a much longer period of time as well.

Graduations Are Milestones

Is someone you know about to graduate? If the answer is yes, then it is about time for you to start thinking of a graduation day gift, no? Regardless of whether it is your friend, sibling, relative or child who is about to graduate, you need to be happy for them and grace them with the best possible graduation day gift so that they know that you will be rooting for them in the course of life up ahead. Here are some of the aspects, which you will need to consider, in this regard.

Sense of Achievement

One of the major aspects, which you will need to keep in mind while choosing a graduation gift for someone, is that graduations grant such a sense of achievement and satisfaction that only a select few can match. What this means is that if you really wish for your graduation gift to have a profound impact on the graduate, you will need it to reflect that sense of achievement. Bearing that in mind, it is important for you to make sure that your gift portrays a similar sense of achievement, as well as the fact that you are proud of what the graduate has achieved. Those who have experienced it will tell you: graduating from college is NOT easy!


A Glimpse of the Effort

It is important for any graduation present to buttress the graduate’s sense of achievement, no doubt, but that does not mean that it should be made out of a cookie cutter. What this means is that graduation presents need to be personalized to reflect the individual effort that was put in by the graduate on the course of their journey. Bearing that in mind, you can consider taking inspiration from a picture which the graduate might have uploaded on Instagram while studying, or anything else of this sort, in order to ensure that the graduate is able to relate personally to what you gift them. Think about it: if it was alright for your graduation gift to be made out of a cookie cutter, then would not the degree suffice?

The Perfect Graduation Gift

When you take it into perspective, it appears to be a fact that a perfect graduation present will not only need to reflect the graduate’s sense of achievement but also give them a glimpse of all of the effort that they had put into getting there. Bearing that in mind, you can be certain that the customizable 3D figurines will serve as wonderful gifts for you to give at graduations. It is because the 3D figurines can be customized into not only something that reflects sense of achievement, but inspiring them from something personal to the graduate will ensure that they carry a touch from all of the efforts that the graduate put in as well. Believe me: it could not get any better than this!

Wedding Anniversary – Your Certificate of Love

There are few occasions that matter more in the life of a couple, over the course of a year, than the couple’s wedding anniversary. Think about it: nothing beats a reminder of the day when two, separate individuals decided to tie a knot of love and become one, or is there? Bearing that in mind, it is recommended for people to present gifts to their spouses, in order to convey their utmost gratitude for making their lives better. Here are some of the aspects that you should take into consideration when you are choosing the perfect gift for your spouse.


One of the primary things that your wedding anniversary present has got to reflect is gratitude. It is because your partner has promised to take you for what you are, for the better or worse. The least that you can do for them is show appreciation for the fact that they bear you when even you cannot bear yourself. The wedding anniversary might just be the perfect time for such an expression. Think about it; it would be wonderful of you to thank your spouse, at least once every year, for lighting up your world, right?


When you speak of a couple, the concept that is most commonly attached, in the world of literature, is that of timelessness. In the contemporary world, we all know how the idea of marriage suggests that the relationship between two individuals has become so strong and serious that they are ready to be bound to each other. This is where the concept of timelessness comes into the picture. Every couple starts off their married life with the belief that they would be spending the rest of their lives together and that they would be in love forever. Regardless of how idealistic the idea might be, it is noble. This is the reason why it is recommended for you to ensure that your wedding anniversary present buttresses this idea of timelessness in the heart and mind of your spouse, owing to how it will not only improve your relationship but your life as well.

The Perfect Wedding Anniversary Gift

We have discussed how the perfect wedding anniversary gift will not only need to symbolize gratitude but exhibit the aspect of the timelessness of your love as well. However, when you think about it, the examples of such wonderful wedding anniversary presents don’t seem apparent at all. That said, 3D figurines can be used as, perhaps, the best possible wedding anniversary gifts, owing to how they can be customized to not only embody love and gratitude but also exhibit the timelessness of things. Considering how 3D figurines can be customized in any manner you deem fit, a young couple, for example, could immortalize their love through a 3D figurine that exhibits them having grown old together. Wouldn’t that be a sight, huh?

School Friends Are Permanent

Will you be leaving school soon? If the answer is yes, then would it not be a blessing if you were sure that your school friends would remember you for the rest of their lives, especially when you consider how none of the friends of the future will know you quite like how your school friends did? It is tough to have such an assurance, no doubt, but the fact of the matter is that it can be made possible with the perfect parting gift. Bearing that in mind, here are some of the aspects that you should be considering in this regard.


The primary aspect that your parting gift to school friends has got to exhibit is that of the memories that you have shared. Why? Well, it is because you will be remembering each other based on these memories that you have made. Bearing that in mind, would it not be nice if a parting gift could buttress all of these memories so that they could be rejuvenated and revitalized every time your school best friend took a look at the gift? We all know what nostalgia can do to people, right?


One of the biggest mantras of school life is togetherness. We all know how people take pride in the schools that they belong to and the people who made those years beautiful for them, right? Keeping that in perspective, if your parting gift to school friends embodies this aspect of togetherness, then you can be certain that you will be together forever, regardless of where your individual lives might take you. It is this love for togetherness and fraternity that will enable you to foster strong relationships with your school friends regardless of how much time might have passed.

The Perfect Parting Gift for School Friends

The basic purpose of giving a parting gift your school friends is to ensure that they remember you for the rest of their lives and that your bond remains strong for all times to come. Such a gift will not only need to leverage on the memories which you might have made but instill such a spirit of togetherness that is able to transcend even the curse of distance and time. Bearing that in mind, it appears that there can be no better parting gift for your school friends than 3D figurines. It is because 3D figurines can be customized to not only benefit from your most precious memories but to inspire the mantra of “together forever” as well. For instance, a player in the school’s football team might consider giving a 3D figurine featuring the entire team from when they won a memorable game, in order to ensure that the team is able to remember that wonderful day for the rest of their lives.

College Friends are Awesome

It is true that you spend your days of absolute innocence with your school friends. However, it is true, also, that the best and the wildest memories of your life are made with the friends that you make in college. While the friendships that you make in college don’t hold the same nostalgic significance as the bonds made in school, it is a fact that college friendships exist on a different plane of significance altogether. If you are looking to foster the friendships with your college mates with the perfect gift, here are some of the considerations that are important for you to make.


When you speak of college friendships, the first though that comes into the minds of most individuals is ‘crazy’. If you think about it, you too will realize that a majority of the memories that you hold dear were formed in college. A majority of these memories were not only crazy but came with a heart attack or two as well. When you put it in a nutshell, you realize that college was when you had the time of your life. It is important, therefore, for your gift to college friends to remind them of the craziest times that you had together, all for the purpose of ensuring that you are able to foster the love and excitement from them for as long as you live.

The Special Ones

Regardless of who it might be, it is a fact that a majority of the people has got someone to call ‘special’ while they are in college. Keeping that in perspective, these special people need to know that they were special for you during your stay, right? On top of that, it is even recommended for your gift to give them a fair idea of the reason for their stature. This will not only ensure that their hearts are filled with love and warmth at the gesture, but it will also improve the probability of them being special and relevant to your life for a long, long time.

The Perfect Gift for College Friends

When you consider all that 3D figurines have got to offer, the fact they can not only be the perfecting parting gifts for your school friends but for your college friends as well does not come off as a surprise. It is because 3D figurines can be customized to embody any kind of craziness which you might have experienced with a friend. And as far as the special ones are concerned, what could be more special than a 3D figurine targeted at conveying to the special someone exactly what you think of them? If f you think about it, 3D figurines have got all of the bases covered, in this regard, as well.

Valentine’s Day

When you speak of occasions when the exchanging of gifts is considered to be mandatory, few days and occasions are as important as the Valentine’s Day. The importance of Valentine’s Day, in this regard, lies in what the occasion stands for. We all know how Valentine’s Day is considered as THE day for the expression of love, which is why it is of utmost importance for couples to glorify and immortalize their love by the exchanging of presents. However, there are a lot of thoughts that are supposed to be put into the selection of the perfect present for Valentine’s Day. Here is an account.


Well, this should come as a no brainer: the basic purpose of the celebration of Valentine’s Day is to remember and celebrate love and that is exactly what your Valentine’s Day present should be embodying. It is imperative for your Valentine’s Day gift to convey love to the person whom it is meant for, owing to how it has got the potential of elevating your relationship to the next level of love and care. However, it is important to bear in mind that your gift needs to convey love in a special manner to your special someone. It would not be of any use to gift your beloved a clichéd item, considering how it won’t have the feelings of specialty attached.

A Promise

If you think about it, even the most expensive Valentine’s Day present will not mean much anything on its own. It is because it is not the gift that is of significance; rather it is the emotional investment and promises that are behind it. What this means is that Valentine’s Day should not be looked as an excuse to love your beloved for a day; rather it should be looked as an opportunity to set the standards of your everyday love as high as possible. Bearing that in mind, your gift to your Valentine needs to embody such a gesture and promise if it is to benefit your love and relationship in the best possible manner.

The Perfect Gift for Valentine’s Day

When you take the discussed aspects into perspective, it serves for a tough requirement. However, when you speak of 3D figurines, it appears as if they have got all of the required bases covered. It is because 3D figurines can be customized in any manner you want, meaning that you can use them for the expression of your love in the manner that your heart deems fit. From gifting your beloved a beautiful figurine to giving them a glimpse of what you might look like ten years from now as a couple, the possibilities with 3D figurines are limitless. And as far as promises are concerned, what better way could there be to be reminded of your love and relationship than to look at a 3D figurine, embodying that love, every single day of your life?


From the discussion, the importance of 3D figurines cannot be stressed upon enough for celebrating the beautiful occasions of your lives. However, the fact that not all 3D figurines are created equal is supposed to be taken note of as well when you’re getting a 3D selfie printed replica of your own self. Bearing that in mind, it is recommended for you to trust only the best companies to cater to your 3D figurine needs. This is where Doob Pakistan, especially Doob Lahore comes into the picture with its state of the art technology and expertise which is based upon Doob’s German Technology. With Doob-3D, you can be certain to get not only the best value for your buck but also to celebrate every important occasion like it deserves to be celebrated. 3D portraits of your own have a charm which is one of its kind.

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