It is a common perception that organizations treat individuals as mere commodities. Corporations, over the years, have been trying to right the wrongs they have committed, by caring in a better manner for their customers and employees alike.

If you think about it, it is a matter of utmost importance for companies to value the people involved, owing to how this is not only beneficial for the individuals under question but in favor of the profit minded interest of the company as well.

The success of companies depend upon the performance and attitudes of the people involved, meaning that companies cannot possibly hope for success without adding value to the lives of the people they touch. Here are some of the ways in which 3D figurines can help businesses accomplish exactly that:

Rewarding Your Best Employees

Human beings are strange creatures. On the course of evolution, they have grown in such a manner that they are able to accomplish great things when their hearts are into something. Regardless of whether they are matters of love or of work, humans can do wonders and achieve far more than what might be expected out of them.

Corporations need to capitalize on this basic human characteristic (read: weakness) and make the work of their employees as meaningful and interesting as possible, all in an attempt to ensure that the employees put the whole of their hearts into their jobs.

This leads us to the matter of rewarding employees for the jobs that they perform. It is advisable for corporations to reward their star performers in such a manner that is worthy of them.

Such rewarding practices will not only inspire the employees to accomplish great things but give them a greater reason for waking up in the morning every single day; because, let’s be honest: who doesn’t like being rewarded?

Having said that, here are some of the manners in which corporations can reward the top achievers in their organizations:

A Thank You Note

It does not get any simpler than that, right? The least that a corporation can do for its top performing employees is present them with a note that signifies how their efforts are appreciated by the organization.

Regardless of what you might say about the corporate, it remains a fact that money cannot always serve as a motivation, owing to how employees, too, need recognition and gratitude for spending the majority of their days inside a cubicle.

Bearing that in mind, it is important that the corporation lets them know how exactly their efforts are valued in the course of attaining the goals that might have been set and how the corporation would not be the same had they not been a part of it.

We all know how individuals need jobs for survival, but corporations need to realize as well that they need motivated and inspired employees for success, and act accordingly. However, it would be foolish for the organization to think that the mere presentation of thank you notes to its employees will do too much good in the long run.

A Party

Speaking of acts of gratitude, corporate parties can go a long way towards ensuring that your employees have got something exciting to look forward to and not “just another” day at work. Almost every corporation throws parties at the end of the year and the start of a new year, but it is important to note that they are corporate parties, the aim of which is not reward your best performers.

Rather, the aim of such generic parties is to reward all of your performers. Bearing that in mind, it is essential for corporations to throw such parties that are aimed at rewarding their top performing employees only.

Such parties can be arranged once a month, or once a quarter even, all for the purpose of rewarding the people who performed out of their skins in the relevant time periods. However, it is important to note that such parties will not only be a chance for the employees to let themselves loose but benefit the corporation, in the long run, as well.

This is so the corporations would increase manifold, owing to how almost all of the employees will be performing out of their skins, all for the purpose of ensuring that they are able to get an invitation for the next party that the organization hosts. Let’s be honest: no one would pass up a chance to share a drink or two with their supervisors, and not be intimidated about it, right?

A Hefty Bonus

We all know how money is the primary motivation for people working in corporations. Bearing this in mind, it is recommended for corporations to give monetary benefits to their star performers, so that their primary motives for taking the job are fulfilled in a manner that they could not have imagined even in their wildest dreams.

Rewarding the best employees with a hefty bonus is a strategy that a number of large and small corporations, alike, use for the purpose of keeping things “interesting” and “lucrative” for their employees. The hope for a bonus motivates the employees to work out of their skins, in the short run, considering how there is a possibility for them to get more money than what they had initially signed up for.

This serves as an inspiration for them to work out of their skins. However, New Year bonuses, for instance, are not to be confused with performance based promotions, for if they are then it would deter the motivation of the employees. The situation should never call for one or the other.

The only downside of rewarding your employees with hefty bonuses lies in how some individuals do not consider money as the primary consideration for their employment. For such individuals, such tactics will not reap the desired outcomes.

Event Tickets

Ask an individual if there is some event that they would wish to attend, at any point in time, there is a high probability of them replying with an affirmation. Everyone has got something that they wish to attend. Regardless of whether it is a concert or a sporting event, everyone has got something on their mind.

Bearing this in mind, corporations should consider arranging, for their top performers, tickets to their favorite shows, concerts and events. While the organization might choose a singular event for all of the top performers, without giving them any say in the matter whatsoever, it is advisable for companies to bring the choices of the individuals as well.

The reason for this lies in how it is an event arranged as an expression of gratitude to the organization’s best performers, so it is only logical for them to have a say in the matter. Not only will their input make the event much more interesting for them, on the whole, but allow them to, perhaps, have the time of their lives at a concert, for instance, which they never though they would live to see.

Organizations should realize that individuals who are able to actualize their dreams become not only confident and productive employees but better human beings as well.

3D Figurines

What is the greatest gratitude gift that an employee can receive, you ask? Well, apart from the ones mentioned above, your star employee would love for their names to be recognized as the top performers by one and all, right?

It is only logical for a person to wish for recognition for their efforts among their peers. When you think of office environments, it is a fact that the peers are nothing short of competitors, owing to how everybody wishes to beat each other in their attempts of climbing higher on the career ladder.

If anyone tells you that office environments are not at all competitive, then they simply have not been exposed to the corporate world long enough. On top of that, human beings, by nature, are competitive and they ALWAYS wish to be in the spotlight, more or less, especially when it involves standing out among their peers.

Taking all of this into perspective, it appears as if ensuring that their star employees get their opportunity to shine in the spotlight is the way to go for corporations, when it comes to rewarding them. While corporations can choose to list the names of their best performers on some notice boards, like they are a bunch of kindergarteners who are looking for attention, it is advisable for the companies to be a bit more creative.

This is where 3D figurines come into the mix. 3D figurines can be customized in just about any manner you might want. What this means is that you can come with creative ways for honoring the people who have added to the corporation more than others.

For instance, having figurines made of your star performers and having them placed at all of the public and important places in your organization will do wonders for ensuring that your star employees are able to get the limelight that they so richly deserve.

On top of that, it will also serve as motivation for the employees who couldn’t make the cut previously to oomph up their efforts, in an attempt to have 3d figurines made in their honor as well.

A Manifestation of the CEO

When you think about the structure of corporations, it is a fact that nobody is more important, powerful or prominent as the company’s CEO. It is true that the personality of the CEO is reflected in the corporation’s values and the direction that it takes.

Bearing that in mind, it is imperative for the employees to understand the CEO’s personality, as much as possible, for not only integrating into the organization better but learning from the best in the business as well.

Here are some of the traits of successful CEOs that need to be learnt by one and all:

Strong Decision Making

One of the primary things that differentiate good CEOs from mere mortals is their decision making capabilities. If the CEO of a corporation is able to take good, timely decisions, then there is a high probability of that organization succeeding not only in the short term but in the long term as well.

If a majority of the employees, in an organization, are able to take quick and effective decisions in their day to day operations, the chances of the organization’s success will substantially improve.

Strong Impact

We all know how CEOs are not “just” employees, right? But have you ever considered the reason for it? It is because CEOs do not just aim to get a job done; rather they aim to make an impact with whatever it is that they do.

From the most rudimentary decisions to such decisions that involve a lot of complexities, good CEOs aim to make the most of whatever input that they have got to give. If you think about it, CEOs treat their jobs like the game of chess: every move counts.

Taking that into perspective, individuals involved in organizations can benefit greatly from the incorporation of such attitudes into their characters as well. When you know that whatever it is that you are doing will have an impact, the drive for doing it follows!


An important trait that distinguishes a CEO from the mere mortals of organizations is that the CEO can be relied upon. What this means is that the organization expects the CEO to make ends meet on the jobs and responsibilities that might have been assigned to them, and that too in the best possible manner.

If you think about it, reliability is one of the primary factors required for an individual to succeed in an organization, owing to how the success in the corporate world is directly dependent upon the opportunities that you get and whether or not you are able to make the most of the opportunities presented.

And when it comes to creating opportunities for yourself, it is a fact that reliability matters a lot, for the corporation will only grace you with an opportunity to prove your metal if it believes that you are reliable enough for it.

A key reason why only a handful of people go on to become CEOs, and not all of them, lies in how CEOs just find a way of efficiently getting things done, regardless of the circumstances they might have to contend with.

Becoming the CEO

When you take it all into perspective, you have got to say that there are several traits, which good CEOs possess, from which even the everyday Joes can benefit from. If you think about it, it is the soft skills that get CEOs to such positions on the career ladder which are mere dreams for a majority of others.

However, it is a fact, nonetheless, that everyone can incorporate these values and attitudes into their characters and take their careers to the next step. Such incorporation would require individuals to bring changes into their attitudes, which could not be possible without constant motivation.

This is the reason why 3D figurines can be absolute gold dust in this regard, owing to how they can serve to be constant motivation for anyone who might be looking to apply the required soft skills into their lives for propelling their career into the right direction.

By placing CEO 3D figurines on their desks, for instance, ordinary employees can get a constant reminder of the bar that they will need to meet if they, too, are to reach the pinnacle of the corporate ladder. The journey to the top is not easy, but it can be achieved with constant motivation and drive. 3D figurines can offer exactly that!

Gratitude for the Loyal Customers

Loyal Customer

Regardless of how important the operations, values, individuals and employees might be to a business, the fact remains that the business CANNOT be successful without customers. If you think about it, loyal customers are what keep businesses going, owing to how the purpose of the corporation would be rendered void if it did not have a pool of customers to cater to.

Bearing that in mind, it is of utmost importance for business to reward customers for their loyalty. Here are some of the manners in which this can be accomplished:


The contemporary age features a world of lies and deceit, where individuals are swindled out of their money by businesses. A responsible corporation should, therefore, instruct its customers in such matters and guide them with knowledge for ensuring that the customers don’t fall victim to such fraudulent businesses for as long as they live.

The business can accomplish this by making it a habit of sending useful information to its loyal customer base on their emails, for instance, all for the purpose of expressing gratitude for their loyalty and support.

Feature on Social Media

Almost all of the corporations have got a presence on social media. The corporations use these platforms for pulling off a number of marketing stunts; however, the social media platforms can be used effectively for the purpose of thanking the loyal customers as well.

For instance, a corporation can choose to feature one of its loyal customers, every week, on its social media pages and express exactly how much that customer means to the business, on the whole. Public display of gratitude will convey to the general public that the business does not see its customers as commodities.

Customers will get a chance to get featured in the spotlight as a result of their support and loyalty, and we all know what people can do for getting a chance on the center stage, right?

Special Discounts

The tactic of special discounts is, perhaps, the most utilized tactic of all, in this regard. Corporations usually give such discount offers to their loyal customers that have been tailored just for them. From free giveaways to dramatic reduction in prices, the kind of discounts under question can be used to cater to a variety of things.

If you think about it, offering the customers special discounts to make use of not only benefits the customers but the organization as well. The customers will be able to save their money, as a result of these discounts and offers, no doubt; but the corporation will benefit also, owing to how these offers will increase the volume of sales that the company makes, thus adding to its revenue, on the whole.

Bearing this in mind, it would be wrong to consider such a strategy as incurring a loss for the “greater good” of the customers, especially when the reality of things appears to be suggesting otherwise.

3d Figurine for Customers

When you speak of thanking your customers in the best possible manner, it is a fact that you should do it in a manner that appeals to them on a personal level. This is where 3D figurines come into play. Corporations can make use of 3D figurines for the purpose of ensuring that their customers are thanked in the best possible manner.

Sending a loyal customer a 3D figurine that has been customized just for them, with one of their orders, will do wonders for ensuring that the customer is able to get the best possible utility out of their experience with the company.

You know what goes on next, right? Not only does the corporation gain a customer for life, but the word of the company’s considering attitude spreads far and wide as well.

When you take it all into consider, it is a fact that 3D figurines and 3D portraits can benefit corporations in more ways than what you might initially consider. This is the reason why it is recommended for all organizations to make the best possible use of 3D selfies, printed replicas and 3D figurines, for their organizations, with Doob Pakistan by their side. Doob Pakistan has its outlet “Doob Lahore” on Lahore’s MM Aalam Road. Here in Pakistan, Doob operates in accordance with the Doob German Technology, where the headquarters are situated.

Doob-3D has got the latest, state-of-the-art technology, meaning that your 3d figurines can be customized in the manner you like, without any problems whatsoever.

With Doob-3D, businesses can be sure to get not only the best value for the money that they spend but the best possible customer experience as well. What more could a corporation need?