There are a number of career paths that people choose to take. Some choose the path of climbing the corporate ladder, while employed as a professional in a corporation. Others choose to start their own businesses, in hope of earning their bread and butter. Whatever the case may be, there are a number of skills that both sets of individuals will require if they are to succeed on their respective paths. These sets of skills are often different from one another, but at times, comprise of a few similarities. One of such similarities is the utility that 3D figurines hold, for uplifting both sets of individuals.
From a person’s aspiration to be a top professional to a businessman trying to maximize his sales, there are a number of aspects in which 3D figurines benefit businesses and corporate professionals alike. Here is an account of how 3D figurines can help you on your career ladder, regardless of where your interests lie.

Celebrating Your Job as a Professional

When you speak of life in general, there are few things more important to the vast majority, than their jobs. Bearing the important role that jobs play in a majority of lives in mind, the need for individuals to celebrate their jobs in the best possible way cannot be stressed upon enough. Celebrating your job will not only mean that you are able to excel at it but also give you a shot at the kind of life that is more meaningful and purposeful.

Your job is an important purpose of your life and excelling at it will do wonders to ensure that you have got a purpose to your existence. Not to mention, it will give you an opportunity to be happy as well. On top of that, it is essential for you to be good at your job, if you are to earn lots of money and live the kind of life you have always wanted to. Regardless of whether you find your purpose in the job that you do or merely use it as the means to an end, the fact of the matter is that it is the most important part of your life. Here are some of the qualities that you will require if you are to excel at your job:

Willingness to Learn

One of the first things that you will need for excelling at your job is the willingness to learn. Too many times we see individuals going to their jobs with a ‘know-it-all’ attitude. However, such individuals soon realize that such an attitude is unable to take them far, not only in their careers but in their lives as well. With an attitude that is centered on them, and on how their degrees have taught them everything they will ever need to know, an individual cannot hope to excel in life. An employee should, therefore, come to the office with a mindset to learn.

They should be like sponges and absorb everything that is thrown in their direction. This will not only benefit them in their jobs but in their lives as well. It is because having a learning mindset will ensure that their takes leaps, when it comes to its development. According to Socrates, “All I know is that I know nothing”.


When it comes to finding success in your job, you need an attitude that is conducive to learning. However, such an attitude will not get you anywhere, on its own. You need to learn what you need to learn, before you can learn it, right? If that was too confusing, then let’s just say, you need to be self-aware before you can actually make the most of your positive attitude for learning. What this means is, you need to understand not only your strengths but your weaknesses as well, so that you are able to leverage them, in the best possible way, for the best possible outcome. Being aware of your weaknesses is essential, also, if you are to take the path of self-improvement and excel in life, on the whole. This will also ensure that you are given such tasks and positions on your job that are able to utilize your strengths, and cover up your weaknesses, in the best possible manner.


Speaking of the qualities required for you to succeed in life, the list would be left incomplete without mentioning ‘integrity’. People are often of the perception that integrity is what you need for fostering relationships only, nothing more and nothing less. However, they seem to forget that your job is, perhaps, the most important thing that you will undertake in your entire life, which is the reason why it is imperative for you to be on the same level of integrity as you would ideally be with your lover, for instance. Regardless of the walk of life you might speak of, it is a fact that integrity plays a major part in how well we do at life. Think about it yourself: if an employee is honest and trustworthy, then the manager will be more inclined to trust them with the more demanding responsibilities, right? This is exactly what you need, as an employee, to climb your career ladder.


Employees need to be motivated in their jobs if they are to achieve the kind of success that they dream of. However, keeping yourself motivated, every single day of the week, can be a tough requirement for even the most enthusiastic of individuals. This is the reason why it is essential for you to have something that keeps you motivated throughout your days. This is where 3D figurines come into the picture, owing to how they can be customized in accordance with your requirements. What this means is that you can have a 3D figurine customized such that it embodies where you wish to be on the career ladder in twenty years’ time, for example. Placing that figurine on your work desk will do wonders to your motivation and ensure that you are able to do justice to all of the work that you are assigned.

Branding Your Small Business

branding business Figurine

In terms of small businesses, there is a dire need for branding, if you are to maximize your earnings. While good branding is essential for all kinds of business, its importance is a bit magnified, considering how small businesses suffer from a lack of capital. This means that while the bigger businesses have ample amount of capital and money to make ends meet, small businesses have to make do with significantly smaller budgets. Branding is one of the most cost-effective methods for such businesses to make their ends meet and make the business truly profitable. Here are some of the ways in which a business might be able to utilize branding ideally:

Provision of Value

It is common knowledge that the easiest way for a business to succeed is to provide value to its customers. The primary reason why this is important is that customers are more likely to trust a business that has been able to provide them such value and experience which was unlike they had ever experienced before. This trust of the customers can do wonders in terms of customer retention, which is nothing short of gold dust for a small business, owing to how small businesses are only able to reach out to a limited target audience with their offerings and marketing stunts. A small business needs to put stress on the reputation that it enjoys in the industry and ensure that it is seen as a respectable brand. If it is not, then you can sure that your business will not be going anywhere but down.

Social Media Presence

Gone are the days when small businesses could thrive solely on the back of word of mouth. Ever since the social media revolution, it has become essential for businesses to have a prominent presence on social media so that they might be seen and recognized as a brand on the digital platforms as well. From Twitter to Facebook to Instagram, small businesses are required to make their presence felt on all of the popular social media platforms. However, a business’ job is to not only have mere presence on social media, but also ensure that the presence is strong. This can be done by gracing your business with strong content and a social media marketing strategy that actually adds something to the lives of people on social media, rather than employing underhanded tactics to capture the attention of your target audience.

Remember; people going through their feeds on social media have got a very limited attention span so it is necessary, for your social media marketing strategy, to appeal to it in the optimal way, if the business is to become a big brand on social media.

Business Logo

Have you ever looked at a logo and known exactly which business it belongs to? If the answer is yes, then you must be well aware of the role that business logos have got to play when it comes to turning your business into a brand. Bearing this in mind, it is crucial for your business to have a logo for your business that is not only unique and stylish, but one that captures the basic purpose and spirit of your business as well.

Enough stress cannot be put into getting your business logo right, for that logo will, literally, be the identity of your brand and business. On top of that, it is even advisable for you to make use of 3D figurines for making your business widely known on the back of your business logo. 3D figurines can be customized in the shape of your business logo, empowering you to send out a figurine with every parcel that you send out, for instance, thus ensuring that your customers have got their hands on something tangible to remember your business brand by.

Lighting Up the Fashion Industry

Fashion Figurine

Are you an aspiring celebrity who wishes to, one day, take the fashion industry by the storm, just as your fashion role models have done? If the answer is yes, then there is hope for your success, regardless of what the world might say or think. Whoever you might be or wherever you might come from, you too can make it big in the world of fashion and, hopefully, stand in the same league as the fashion stars you have always admired, if not in a higher pedigree. However, the path to being a fashion star is not just another walk in the park, for it requires a lot more than what you might initially think. Here are some of the things that you will need if you are to succeed as a fashion star and, one day, become a fashion icon:

Your Figure

Your Figurine for Business

Regardless of how much people might stress upon how your figure is not important and that it is the inner beauty of an individual that matters the most, you will need your appearance to be top notch, under a majority of the circumstances, if you are to become a fashion icon. And when we speak of a person’s appearance, there are few things that are as important as the person’s figure. Regardless of how clichéd the idea might sound, you will need to have something close to an ideal physique if you are to even hope of becoming a fashion icon. Bearing this in mind, you need to spend as much time and attention on your figure as possible. It is essential for you to eat right, drink right and even exercise right so that you are able to have the kind of a physique that everybody dreams of having.


As an aspiring fashion icon, you will need to be full of confidence as well. If you think about it, actually, it would not be wrong to say that you will not only need to be full of confidence but full of “yourself” as well. Basically, this means that you will need to practice taking pride in yourself, regardless of what the circumstances might be. The life as a fashion icon is not easy, especially in this day and age, with a scandal or two coming into the limelight, every now and then, by the grace of the ever loving media. If a fashion icon was to doubt themselves, as a result of such shenanigans, and lose the confidence of facing the public, then they could label their career as good as done and dusted.


Do you ever wonder why so many celebrities and stars become activists as they grow in stardom? Or, a better question would: do you ever wonder why stardom usually comes to such fashion icons who are activists as well? Regardless of what you might believe, human beings always have a soft corner for those who do something for the betterment of mankind. Bearing that in mind, becoming capable and active on some of the social issues that plague our society will not only do wonders for your growth, as a fashion icon, but add to the lives of the people you raise your voice for as well. This means that not only will you benefit from all of the coverage that your activities of activism receive, but the people, in general, will become a much better place to live in as well.

Choosing Your Ideals

We all know how successful people stress upon the need of our mortals to choose the right ideals, right? Well, this need is even exaggerated for someone who is looking to make a name in the fashion industry. This is the reason why it is recommended for aspiring fashion stars to surround themselves with the pictures and accessories of such icons that have been successful and liked by the general public. You are supposed to look deep into their qualities and what makes them who they are, all for the purpose of deciphering that which makes them successful. 3D figurines can be utilized wonderfully for this purpose as well.

Getting 3D figurines of your favorite fashion icons will not remind you that you have to become like them if you are to succeed on the path that you have chosen but also give you the motivation to work towards your goal every, single day. Remember: your ideals are the ones who will serve as your motivation. Even if you become half as good as they are, following in their footsteps, you will get somewhere in life, regardless of the path you might have chosen.

The Men in the Uniforms

Men In Uniform

When you speak of the men in uniforms, the eyes of the entire nation light up with joy, owing to how these individuals are the ones on whose backs a nation thrives. Regardless of whether you belong to the police, the military, the navy, the fire department or are one of the scouts—the fact that you take great pride in your uniform and the service that you provide is commendable. However, it is important, also, to take pride when you are no longer in service. The only manner in which this can be accomplished is by making your years in service as memorable as possible. Here is how that can be done:

Loving Mankind

Taking into consideration the nature of a firefighter’s work, you have got to say that they are a lover of mankind, right? There is no other reason why a person would plunge themselves into fire just to get another person out of it. What this means is that if a firefighter, or any other person in uniform for that matter, is true to their uniform and duties, they are bound to create memories of heroism and bravery that they will be able to cherish for as long as they live. Such memories can serve as a strong reason for one to take pride in their years of service. On top of that, they serve as wonderful bedtime stories for their grandchildren as well, thus ensuring that the children are able to see their grandparents as the kind of heroes they most certainly are.


Regardless of what the nature of our work might be, it is natural to take photographs in a day’s work, right? However, when the nature of work involves driving a tank, photographs take a whole new meaning. Photographs sitting in a cubicle are great as well, no doubt, but they are not as treasured as the ones taken in the line of duty of the men in uniform. On top of that, if you ever happen to have your photograph published in a newspaper, owing to some act of bravery, the feeling of pride that you will feel every time you take a look at it will be a different ball game, altogether. Imagine showing you’re your grandkids that their granddad or grandma was covered in the newspaper!

Making Souvenirs6

Nothing will take you back into the old days quite like a good, old souvenir! However, it is a reality that there are not many souvenirs that you can take once you have left duty. This is where 3D figurines come into the picture, owing to how they can be customized to your wishes. What this means is that you, as a veteran, can have as many 3D figurines, embodying you in the line of duty, as you might want. These 3D figurines are bound to give you something tangible to remember the good, old days by.


Enough talk on how 3D figurines, 3D selfies and 3D portraits are recommended for all kinds of small businesses and corporations alike to be made use of. However, the question arises: can you trust every business in the 3D figurine business for catering to your needs, apart from Doob Pakistan? The answer is no, you cannot. It is because all 3D figurines are not created equally for you to make use of. Bearing that in mind, it is crucial for you to only trust the best manufacturers of 3D figurines for catering to your corporate 3D figurine needs.

This is where Doob Lahore enters the scenario, with its professional expertise in the matters of 3D figurines. From the best infrastructure to competitive professionals, Doob has got everything you can possibly think of for giving your strategy the kind of a boost that it deserves. Regardless of whether you are a professional who is looking to celebrate his job, a small business that is trying to get its marketing strategy right, an aspiring professional looking to walk in the footsteps of the ones before you or simply just another business that is looking to increase its profits, you will find that Doob-3D will have all of your needs covered in the best way. On whatever step of the corporate, professional or business ladder you might be, 3D figurines will benefit your cause, with the help of Doob-3D of course.

On top of that, there are a number of other service offerings by Doob-3D which businesses can make use of also. Regardless of whether you want a design for an architecture that will soon be getting built or simply manifestation of your ideas in art and design, you can be certain that Doob-3D has got all of the bases covered. It operates in line with the Doob German Technology.

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